Geotechnical engineering, deals with the investigation and characterisation of earth subsurface (soil, rock, and groundwater) in order to eliminate structural foundation risks and ensure safe foundation design. In FISAS Limited, we employ the integrated process model in providing top-notch and bespoke geotechnical services to our clients. Our Strategic approach involves:
  • Desktop Modelling for determining the suitability of a site
  • Geological Site modelling for detailed investigation planning
  • Acquisition of in-situ and laboratory data for foundation designs
  • Use of acquired site data to develop foundation model for proposed structure
  • Design and management of geotechnical investigation programs
  • Core logging, geotechnical mapping
  • Geotechnical data management and database compilation
  • Structural geology evaluation and interpretation
  • Formulation of geotechnical parameters to be used for structural foundation design
  • Geotechnical design and foundation recommendations
  • Preparation of 3D geotechnical models, design sections and plans
  • Data analyses and geotechnical report preparations
  • Geotechnical data quality assurance
  • Site supervision and training in geotechnical data collection and interpretation
In over 30 years, FISAS Limited has undertaken over 100 geotechnical investigation services and foundation designs in Nigeria and West Africa