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FISAS: Integrated Data Collectors and Interpreters

At the conception of large Industrial plants and projects, Land and Marine Infrastructure and Assets, Roads, Ports and Bridges, Developer and Engineering Design Companies require fundamental technical data and information for Feasibility studies, Site selection and Detailed engineering design.

These data and information are often required for compliance with construction standards, regulations and infrastructure development risk and complexity management. It is also useful for detailed engineering design of the asset, for construction, operation and maintenance phase.

As a bridge between the Asset Owner and the Engineering Consultant, Fundamental Integrated Site Appraisal Services (FISAS) Limited is your one-stop shop for Site Characterisation.


Services Flowchart

Our experienced team of experts stands at the forefront, ready to empower both developers and engineering design teams with a seamlessly processed and synchronized holistic digital report.

From the initial stages of feasibility studies to the intricate details of site selection and comprehensive engineering design, FISAS ensures that every piece of data is meticulously gathered, analyzed, and presented in a cohesive manner.

This approach not only streamlines the decision-making process but also provides a ready-to-use repository of essential information on the project site's characteristics.

This flowchart depicts FISAS sequential transformation of site investigations and appraisals information to strategic decisions. The processes involve using specialized equipment and software and intellectual properties to convert figures to data and knowledge. This unique process supports FISAS integrated Oasis Business Model.


Our Strategic Model

Our strong knowledge of the right equipment required for Site Characterisation in land marine, and difficult environments sets FISAS apart.

Our team's in-depth knowledge is a key factor that sets us apart in the field of site appraisal services. We recognize that different environments demand specific tools and technologies to gather accurate and reliable data. Whether it's the intricate details of a land-based project, the complexities of marine infrastructure, or the challenges posed by difficult terrains, FISAS ensures that we are well-equipped with the right instruments for the job.

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Benefits of engaging FISAS to undertake your Data and information collection,
interpretation and reporting.


FISAS experts are experienced and in-house, ensuring a deep understanding of project requirements and efficient collaboration.

Centralized Database

We maintain a centralized Engineering Database that serves as a one-stop shop for all project-related information and resources.

Holistic Reporting

We provide a comprehensive and integrated digital Data and Information Reporting service, ensuring a holistic presentation of essential project details across various disciplines and stages.


We ensure traceable and certified Quality Management of the Database and information.


Our data acquisition process is both certified and adheres to industry standards, ensuring reliability and accuracy in the collection of information.


We prioritize being reasonable and accommodating with client requests to ensure a collaborative and client-centered approach in meeting their needs.

Our integrated site characterisation services provide clients with confidence and quality data