Ground Engineering Geophysics

Ground Engineering Geophysics is a specialized service offered by FISAS, encompassing a sophisticated approach to subsurface investigations. Our expert team utilizes advanced geophysical techniques to non-invasively analyze the composition and characteristics of the ground beneath the Earth’s surface. By employing methods such as seismic, electrical, and magnetic surveys, FISAS provides valuable insights into subsurface structures, soil properties, and potential geological hazards. This comprehensive understanding is vital for project planning, foundation design, and risk assessment in both land and marine environments. FISAS’ commitment to excellence in Ground Engineering Geophysics ensures that clients receive accurate and actionable information to make informed decisions, enhancing the overall success and safety of their projects.

  • Asset integrity assessment
  • Subsurface/buried utility (pipes/cables) investigation
  • Environmental Site Investigations
  • Soil Engineering properties determination
  • Mineral exploration and Mapping

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