Environmental Testing Services

FISAS is a trusted provider of Environmental Testing services, dedicated to assessing and analyzing various environmental components crucial for project planning and compliance. Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge laboratory techniques to conduct thorough examinations of soil, water, and air conditions, offering insights into chemical and biological compositions. From contaminant levels to ecological impact assessments, our Environmental Testing services cover a spectrum of parameters. FISAS is committed to delivering precise and reliable results, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive data for informed decision-making in areas such as environmental impact assessments, regulatory compliance, and sustainable project development. With a focus on accuracy and environmental stewardship, our services contribute to the successful and responsible execution of diverse projects across land and marine environments.

  • Contaminants evaluation
  • Soil/sediment physical, chemical and biological quality testing
  • Water/wastewater physicochemical and biological analysis
  • Toxicity assessment
  • Insitu- measurements
  • Air Quality measurement
  • Noise Mapping

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