Geotechnical Testing

FISAS specializes in Geotechnical Testing, offering a comprehensive suite of analyses to assess the mechanical and chemical properties of soils and rocks. Our expert team employs state-of-the-art laboratory techniques to conduct a range of geotechnical tests, including compaction, consolidation, and shear strength tests. Through meticulous examination, we provide clients with essential data on soil stability, bearing capacity, and potential settlement. FISAS’ Geotechnical Testing services play a pivotal role in supporting informed decision-making for construction, infrastructure development, and environmental projects. With a commitment to precision and reliability, we deliver accurate and timely results, ensuring that clients have the necessary insights for optimal design, risk management, and successful project outcomes.

  • Classification (moisture, Atterberg limits, density, etc.)
  • Strength test – unconfined/confined, unconsolidated/consolidated, etc.
  • Construction material testing (compressive strength, compaction, CBR, Marshal stability, etc.)
  • Insitu measurements

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