The integrated digital technical data and information, is provided by in-house experts in Fundamental Integrated Site Appraisal Services(FISAS) Limited, in one single contract, using modern equipment in a certified management system.

These include; Site selection data, Environmental, Social, Economic, and Health Impact Assessments and Sustainability (ESIA) information, Ground Engineering Geophysics investigation data, Topographic Surveys and Mapping, Bathymetric Survey data, Metocean, Weather and Climatic Information. In addition, detailed Geotechnical Investigation and Testings, Chemical and Biological Analysis of Soil, Water and Air, are used to characterise the selected site.

FISAS technical data and information services, avail the Asset Owner and the Engineering team, peace of mind, and the following Technical Reports;

  • A comprehensive Site Selection Report
  • A bankable and interpretative Environmental, Sustainability, Social and Health Impact Assessment report, for Regulatory compliance, Technical feasibility and Engineering designs.
  • A preliminary Site Characterisation report
  • A comprehensive Factual, or Interpretative, Design Geotechnical report of the proposed Site and a supporting Ground geophysics report of the underground integrity formations.
  • A comprehensive Topographical Survey report, Metocean and Climatology report, and Bathymetric report for the water bodies
  • Quality and certified sample test results that are checked, and synchronised with other multidisciplinary information from the Site
FISAS’s experienced team of experts provides the Developer and the Engineering Design Team, with a processed and synchronised holistic digital report, ready-to use data and information on the Project Site characteristics.
This digital report is not just a compilation of raw data; it’s a carefully processed and synchronized package that is readily usable. The idea is to present complex information in a way that’s easy to understand and immediately applicable. When the Developer and the Engineering Design Team receive this report from FISAS, they gain instant access to a valuable resource. It’s like having a detailed roadmap of the project site at their fingertips, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlined planning. Essentially, FISAS strives to empower project stakeholders by delivering a holistic and ready-to-use digital guide tailored to the unique characteristics of the project site.

FISAS is ISO 9001:2015 certified, with several recognitions for the safety and timely delivery of information.