Understanding ground Geophysics and the benefits to Site Appraisal

Ground geophysics plays a crucial role in project site appraisal by providing valuable information about the subsurface structure and composition of the earth beneath. It involves the use of non-invasive techniques, such as seismic, electrical, and magnetic methods, to gather geophysical data about the subsurface without drilling or excavating. FISAS conducts integrated ground geophysics  in […]

Key benefits of Integrated Geotechnical Site Appraisal Approach

In Fundamental Integrated Site Appraisal Services Limited (FISAS) geotechnical site appraisal is a systematic assessment of the geological and geophysical properties and conditions of the soils of a site to determine its suitability for a specific project or development. It involves a thorough investigation of the site’s geology, soil, and groundwater conditions to identify potential […]

Exploring the Hidden World of Site Appraisal – Unlocking the Secrets Beneath A Project Site

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of your project site? From ports and Bridges, oil and gas facilities and towering skyscrapers to sprawling industrial farms, every project site development begins with a crucial step –Site Appraisal.  Join us on an exploration as we unveil the mysteries of site appraisal and discover how […]

Building Responsibly:The Crucial Role of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments in Development Programs. 

In today’s rapidly evolving world, development projects are on the rise, promising innovation, growth, and prosperity. However, amidst the excitement of new developments, it’s essential to pause and consider the potential impacts of our actions. This brings us to the critical topic of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) – a cornerstone of responsible development […]


The characterization of a site for large-scale farming or infrastructure development is a critical aspect of engineering design. A typical site-characterization survey in FISAS Limited is performed for permitting, siting and engineering design of farm or infrastructure development. Farming and infrastructure development require a greater density of data and information to design mitigation and risk […]

Geotechnical Site Investigation @Proposed Warri Flyover Bridge

A road crossing flyover is a clever engineering solution to efficiently handle traffic flow by directing the main traffic through a bridge at a higher level. In contrast, the low traffic is diverted to travel below. With the ramps on both sides, vehicles can easily access the flyover, allowing for a smooth and safe journey. […]